Friday, July 31, 2009

The search goes on...

Outside, the frame for the bathroom addition.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
I head to Charleston searching antique stores for stained glass. Alas, I find several pieces that are beautiful but not what we are looking for-the prices were similar to the piece at the antique mall.

Gary is supposed to do the rebar today but gets delayed at work. He will come out tomorrow.

Still thinking about the $500 piece of stained glass...


  1. This is very interesting how this all comes about. You are some kind of a woman to venture through. You're very brave.

    Enjoying this read, but am very happy for you that this is in the past and you get the tub in the end! She's a gorgeous room. Absolutely beautiful.

    It is wonderful that you took pictures and journeled about this. We all can learn. This is very informative and I'm enjoying the adventure.

  2. Dear Kim,

    It is so exciting to see your dream unfold. I am so happy all of this hard work resulted in a gorgeous bathroom with a wonderful tub to soak in! Isn't it something when you find the right thing for the right spot, you cannot stop thinking about it or find anything else that will do?!

    Love, Paula