Friday, July 24, 2009

Let the destruction begin!

Sunday, October 14, 2007
Pauly (plumber) and his brother-in-law, came out in the afternoon to begin the plumbing. He helped us determine the tub location in the new addition.
After the initial plumbing work was done outside the destruction inside the bathroom began!

And so do hubby's injuries.

Later that day after a run, I walk into the house and follow the trail of blood (a very faint trail) from hubby’s bathroom to my bathroom where a loud, sawing sound is emanating. Through the closed door I ask if he is alright. He says ‘yes’. I ask if he is hurt-there is a pause-then a quiet ‘no’. ‘Where did the blood come from’, I asked, ‘Did you cut yourself?’ (after all, he is working with a saw!) ‘No’, he says, ‘I smashed my finger.’
I have never known a smashed finger to bleed (but leave it to hubby to find a way). He caught his pinky finger in the trigger part of the electric saw which smashed it. The finger was swollen to double its size and it looked pretty gross with a small gash near the nail. But not to worry-we have plenty of band-aids!
He was able to cut away some of the fiberglass tub which resulted in a great deal of fiberglass dust in the air. This is not good when you have just returned from running and are breathing heavily, so I learned. Fiberglass dust hurts when you breath it in-thus why hubby was wearing a mask. I tried using a mask but the dust still got through so I left the room.
Later I researched stained glass on eBay and found several nice pieces but not as nice as the one at the antique mall.

Still thinking about the $500 piece of stained glass...


  1. Ouch!!!
    What an experience you've gone through.
    Still reading...

  2. Oh my, your poor husband, I am sure that was extremely painful! Glad you got out of the room since the mask did not protect you from the fiberglass dust! What an adventure you have gone through!

    Love, Paula