Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's all about the tub...

Finally, I could take it no longer (neither could anyone else who knew me). I must have the tub at any cost!!! This time we called a contractor friend. After plying him with wine and dinner he gave me the wonderful news. The bathroom could be made larger and for a reasonable amount of money! WooHoo! I was getting my claw foot tub and not just any tub but a full size, 60” tub!

Let the Games Begin!
Whoever said that you should generally add 20% to the initial estimate of a home improvement project never met me.
Twenty percent is for amateurs!


  1. For those of us who joined (suffered with) Kim along this journey, I'm glad to see the diaries published.

    Those of you who will be reading this for the first time, get ready for a heart breaking, frustrating, funny experience. You will also learn that the lady is married to a Saint.

    You will not regret the time you spend here, I promise!

    To my crazy daughter just let me say that I never get tired of reading this story, and marvel at you for getting through to the end.

    I look forward to reading the story one more time.



  2. Dear Kim,

    What a sweet note from your Dad!!! I am enjoying this so much! I got so tickled at what you shared!

    Love, Paula