Thursday, July 9, 2009

How It All Started...

Once upon a time there was a fairly eccentric, unusual woman who for reasons unknown was more at home in an era gone by than the current one in which she existed (if you haven’t guessed yet, it’s me). Victorian era manners and mores infiltrated my everyday thoughts, but little did I know that very soon a new obsession from the 19th century would overtake me-the quest for an antique claw foot tub! Not only would this quest lead me to a long soak in an old tub but also through a rather long and harrowing renovation process.

Upon returning home from a trip to Louisville, KY, where I discovered the pleasures of soaking in a century old claw foot tub, the process began. Within days I had chosen the perfect 60” slipper tub at a national chain hardware store. After choosing a new, acrylic 60” claw foot tub (and overcoming the sticker price shock of $1700+), I called a plumber friend to help begin the process of removing the old tub/shower combo and replacing it with the slipper tub. Alas, something that seemed so simple in fact was more complicated than I ever dreamed. The tub was 60” but our closet size bathroom was only 59½” wide. Not to worry because these tubs can be found in 54” styles! I returned to the hardware store the following day where I discovered that indeed 54” tubs were available; however, not in the slipper style. No problem, I could live with the regular style, and the smaller size, as long as I could soak! Problem solved!
Or was it?
The 54” tub required 8” of plumbing, once again too large for the closet size bathroom. Humph. All hope was now lost.
Or was it?

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  1. Your finished bathroom is gorgeous!
    We have our tub for when we create a bathroom in our 1885 house. Somewhere along the way the closet was turned into a bathroom. Terribly crowded.

    We hopefully will create a new bathroom in one of the bedrooms. This won't happen until we have some other important roofing the house, finishing the kitchen.

    The tub will just have to stay in the garage until then.

    Again, your bathroom is gorgeous.
    Looking forward to reading your posts.