Thursday, July 23, 2009

If architectural pieces could talk...

Saturday, October 13, 2007
Gary arrived and constructed the form for the concrete.
Mom calls me early from the antique mall in Lilburn. She found antique architectural pieces (Palladian window as well as two matching columns with Corinthian style caps) within a reasonable price.

She calls me later when she and grandma find a large, beautiful piece of stained glass to hang in my center bathroom window. It has a fleur-de-lis and a new wooden frame. The history on the piece is given (it came from an old house built in the late 1800’s and has been sitting in the attic of the house since 1911). The price tag is $650! Once I get up off the floor I ask for the dealer’s best price. The gentleman says $500. (Mind you, when he first brought it into the antique store he had said the asking price would be $450-not thinking about it mom says he should ask more before she realizes that this is what we are looking for). At $500 we have to think about it, after all it’s not going anywhere. No one is going to walk in and buy such an expensive piece of stained glass. In the meantime, the antique store owner emails me pictures of the piece. It is beautiful! But I will do some research before investing that much money (not to mention that Darryl said ‘no’)...


  1. Dear Kim,

    This just gets better and better! I am telling you, this should be compiled into a book! :) Thank you so much for sharing, I can hardly wait to read what happens next!

    Love, Paula