Monday, July 13, 2009

First Steps...

The original estimate was $3000. I began the next day by locating an antique claw foot, 60” tub at a wonderful tub supply store in Jacksonville, Florida. I was able to choose all of the tub fixtures and plumbing accoutrements that I wanted, within a reasonable price range. We were originally going to drive to Jacksonville to pick up the tub but the delivery fee for everything was reasonable so we went with the delivery option. Various tub colors and foot finishes were tempting but in the end I went with traditional white all the way around! It would be four weeks before the tub was refurbished and shipped to the house.

Now that the first step was complete it was time to go for the dreaded building permit. I took all of the necessary paper work to the county office where I was told that our contractor had to complete a form and then we would wait for up to ten days for approval! I was unhappy with the time line, but hey, the tub wouldn’t be here for three more weeks anyway.

So far everything was still within a decent budget:
· Estimated construction costs-$3000
· Antique claw foot tub with fixtures -$1734
· Zoning permit-$25
· Building permit-$52
· Being able to soak in a tub soon-priceless!

Of course, there is more to a remodel than the obvious. We had already located a small antique vanity for the sink area ($275) and a small white drop-in sink from a local thrift store for a mere $5.

But wait, there’s more...


  1. Dear Kim,

    I am enjoying reading your bathtub diaries so much! I can hardly wait to hear what happens next!

    Love, Paula