Wednesday, July 15, 2009

From floor to ceiling...

Don’t forget one must have authentic tile flooring to achieve the period look. Black and white tiles were generally the norm so black and white tiles it would be. We just had to figure how much of the black and white tiles were needed as well as a design. After considering several options we opted for authenticity and affordability and went with 8”x8” black and white tiles. It would take about one week for it to come in at a small cost of $468.

But wait, there’s more.

The vanity, tub, and flooring would be authentic enough but the original light fixture would be too small to light the soon to be much larger bathroom (we were originally going to keep the original fixture to save money). So I began looking at lighting. I found several viable lighting options at national chain hardware stores and was thrilled that the lighting costs would not be too terribly high. And then I found an online store with reproduction lighting fixtures much more to my liking. Not to worry! The new lighting cost would only be a bit more than the stuff from the chain stores (at this point what’s a few more dollars?). And so the lighting was ordered.

· Estimated lighting-$859

But wait, there’s more...


  1. Luvin this post.
    You know first hand some surprises that pop up when least expecting it.
    Enjoying your blog and think the finished room is gorgeous.
    Lots and lots of soaking baths from here on out.

  2. I have just discovered this other side of you and your desire for the ultimate tub.
    It is a delightful idea. Up here they(the tubs that is) are removed from homes all the time as new owners seek to remodel. If I told you that many are free for the taking (are you aware these things weigh 100's of pounds) you would have driven here!
    I use the decorative legs that I find all the time at auctions as beautiful doorstops. Some are very ornate and their weight makes them perfect for that purpose. (just make sure you don't hit one with one's foot in the middle of the night finding your way in the dark)
    I look forward to more of your footed tub adventures and the pleasure its final outcome will bring.
    xo Susan

  3. Dear Kim,

    Another delightful post! You are quite the gifted storyteller! The photo in your header is so beautiful, I keep admiring it! Oh, I would love to soak in a tub like that! I can see why you chose the black and white tiles, not only for the sake of authenticity, but for beauty as well. I love how the Victorians cared about making all of their surroundings beautiful... just as you do!

    Love, Paula