Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let the Insanity Begin!

Thinking of remodeling? Husband told you that he can do the work to save money? Got a price limit in mind and believe you can stick to it?

Well think again!

Welcome to the Bathtub Diaries-a journal of our master bath remodel all to install a claw foot tub. Although I make jokes about the nightmares of remodeling I must say that all of the time, money, injuries, dust, and disruption in our home for months was well worth it! If you have ever remodeled or know someone who has then the diaries are something to which you can probably relate. Take the plunge with me into a nearly year long process of knocking out walls, making decisions (and then changing my mind), shopping, shopping, shopping, installations, and a whole lot of sweat equity all for the simple pleasure of soaking in an old claw foot tub.
Once you read the Bathtub Diaries you will learn that things are never as easy as they seem. Upon returning home from a vacation I immediately began planning for the installation of a claw foot tub in my closet sized bathroom. However, we soon realized that our small bathroom could not accommodate a claw foot tub so the entire project was scrapped. Well at least for a little while. About two years later we decided to remodel the bathroom. This idea came about when a vintage vanity arrived at the antique store where I was a dealer. Although it was from the 1950’s it was Victorian in style and would fit nicely into my overly small bathroom. Hubby agreed with the idea and so the bathroom remodel planning began. We started searching for tile flooring (my old vinyl flooring was stained and molded) and a sink. We were fortunate enough to find sheets of small, white octagon tiles at a local thrift store along with 4” square black tiles to use as the border ($60). In addition, we found a small sink ($5) to drop into the vanity. For a minimal amount of money we found a way to remodel the bathroom although the tub/shower combo would remain the same. At least the bathroom would look nice. I was more than content with this idea until...

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