Saturday, December 19, 2009

Things are moving along...

January 7, 2008
Happy New Year! It has been a couple of weeks since my last entry so I will try to get all of the updates written. The Christmas tub was a big hit over the holidays. I hosted a tea party, to benefit a local animal rescue, with the beautifully decorated Christmas tub center stage. One guest actually asked permission to photograph the notorious Christmas tub. Apparently hubby has been singing the Christmas Tub song at work as his co-worker’s wife told me when we met. She said that her husband has been singing the Christmas Tub song at home. She had wondered what he was singing about and when we met over the holidays and she saw the tub everything clicked.

Kramer continued to have wrestling matches each night with the Poinsettia monster in the Christmas tub which of course provided a great deal of entertainment for us.
As a Christmas gift Darryl gave me a tub basket that holds soaps and shampoos as well as having a mirror, candlestick holder, book holder, and a wine glass holder.
Much to our surprise over the Christmas holidays, while visiting family in Atlanta, we looked through some magazines and decorating books where we were dismayed to discover that we have mistakenly placed the tub in the living room! Apparently, according to the books and magazines, the tub is supposed to be installed in the bathroom! Go figure! Who would have thought? (hubby does not seem to be as amused by this revelation and my constant declaration of it as I am).
One afternoon while in Atlanta we ventured to the historic house where the infamous stained glass came from as well as the columns for the bathroom.

Anyway, while we were in Atlanta for the week of Christmas Gary was hard at work on the bathroom addition! Woohoo!
We returned to find more of the roof constructed.

On Saturday, January 5, Gary and hubby worked all day on the bathroom. With only minor injuries to hubby (he hit his fingers a few times with a hammer and was able to avoid more serious injury by preventing several falls from the roof of the addition by holding on tightly to whatever was closest) they were able to complete the shell of the addition. It is beautiful! The building inspector should be out in the next day or two to inspect and then we can begin putting on shingles, siding, and then install the windows! From this point on most of the work will be done by hubby.
Let the games (and the arguments) begin!

We were quite shocked when we received the compaction test (aka dirt inspector) bill. It was $250! $250 for a guy to come out put a stick in the dirt to tell us that it’s compacted dirt! (I must be in the wrong profession-I know dirt when I see it). For $0 I could have told you that we had compacted dirt! What a racket! And then the building inspector had the nerve to tell us, after the fact, that we really didn’t need the compaction test for such a small project! I believe that this is a conspiracy-they are in cahoots! Oh well, such is life. And so continues the bathtub diaries…

I purchased a crystal candle chandelier for over the tub. I had a smaller one that I was going to use but I realized it was too small and that this one would work better (that seems to happen a lot, in case you haven’t noticed). Ironically, the chandelier came from a friends’ house where it hung over her tub. She decided to sell it in the antiques shop. As she was taking it from her car Lisa (shop owner) said that it would probably work well in my new bathroom to which my friend agreed (do they know me or what?). How funny that everyone thinks about this bathroom!
While in Atlanta I purchased another antique picture frame to use as the medallion for the center light fixture and a small vintage light hanger thingy (don’t know the technical name for it) from which to hang the candle chandelier that I purchased from my friend at the shop.
We also had to pick up the cabinet that I purchased for the bathroom from the antique mall down the road. When I finished paying for it back in October I asked if I could leave it there for a couple of weeks until I had space in the bathroom to put it (how naïve of me to have ever believed that it would be only a couple of weeks for completion). It was necessary for me to move it from that location as two weeks had turned into two months! I asked Lisa if I could store it in our antique shop for the time being since I have no more space at home. Lisa said it would be fine so we are now using it for display at the shop.