Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Out the window...

October 9, 2007
The next day brought more fun. The windows needed for this particular project are an unusual size, one 30” wide window and two 16” wide windows (come on you didn’t think we were going to get out that easy did you?). Of course, windows this size must be custom ordered raising the price from the basic windows available at most hardware stores. It wasn’t terribly bad, about $50 more per window. Since the regular windows had to be custom ordered the Palladian would also have to be special ordered. When the price quote came back I nearly fell from my chair. $709 for a 30”x15” Palladian window! Yes that’s right! The Palladian window would cost more than all of the other windows combined! So, out went the Palladian window (did you hear the crashing sound that came with that comment?).

I returned home later that evening to find Darryl refilling and tamping down the area that I had dug the day before. Gary is supposed to come out tomorrow to do more work.

A few days later we got some good news! Darryl has requested quotes for windows from two local hardware stores. One price quote was close to the national chain stores but the other local was able to get us a great price. All three windows, including the Palladian window, will cost about $600. Looks like the Palladian window is back!!!


  1. Mercy!
    You went through it, huh?
    Enjoying the read.

  2. Yeah for the Palladian window! I am amazed at all you went through for your tub! I am so thankful to see that gorgeous photo in your header and know it all turned out well in the end!

    Love, Paula