Friday, July 10, 2009

And so it goes...

I already had a regular tub. Lots of people take baths in regular tubs so why couldn’t I? I filled the regular tub with hot water, added bubble bath only to discover that in order to soak in 11” of water one must contort the body and lay somewhat sideways while shifting constantly to stay submerged in the water. Instead of coming out of the tub relaxed and relieved I exited stiff and discouraged. Shy of enlarging the bathroom the claw foot tub (and long soaks in bubbly water) was not to be.

But these things have never stopped me from achieving my goals! Remember, I am an eccentric! An obsessive eccentric!

In the meantime, my husband found an antique, 54” claw foot tub for sale at one of the old houses on The Point. Not only would I have a claw foot tub but it was from a house on The Point (another obsession-I can’t have a house on the Point but I have a tub from a house on The Point!) The tub was brought home for a mere $40 where it became a beautiful fountain in the back yard (I'll have to find the pics of it as a fountain-as you can see in the pics above it is now a planter:). Prior to the tub’s rebirth as a fountain, it sat patiently on the back patio awaiting spring. One winter afternoon, after two long days of staging my mother-in-laws’ condo, I was stiff and sore. All I needed was a soak in a tub! Let’s face it, when you can’t have the real thing the next best thing is one’s imagination. As I watched the dogs romp and play in the back yard I slipped into the ever so small iron, claw foot tub on the back porch. It was a stretch of the imagination being that it was winter and iron tubs outside in cold weather tend to be, well, cold. But I have a very strong mind. Closing my eyes and concentrating I could almost feel the hot water and foamy bubbles. Of course, hubby walked out onto the back patio and asked what I was doing. I explained that I was soaking in a tub with hot water. He just looked at me and said ‘that’s pathetic’ and returned inside. For the next few months any pictures, television shows, or reference to claw foot tubs only resulted in my whining about the closet size bathroom. Even our dog Lizzy got the pleasure of the claw foot tub fountain out back as she often jumped in for a swim to cool off after chasing squirrels.


  1. Dear Kim,

    I have throughly enjoyed reading your bathtub diaries. You are quite the gifted writer! The photo in your header is gorgeous! I can see the remodel was well worth all it entailed! I look forward to reading more!

    I agree with what you said, without Him nothing is possible!!!!! Amen!!!

    Love, Paula

  2. Wow is that picture on top your finished result? If it is it's stunning.

    We went through a bathroom remodel about 6 years ago. It was a mess. At the time we just put in a shower and I so, so, regret not having a tub.

    We have a small half bath upstairs, but we have plans to expand that and put in a little old clawfoot tub that we got free from some friends. The tub is just sitting down in our shed right now, waiting. When we hauled it home I did the same thing as you! I just had to try it out and imagine myself basking in bubbles.

    I hope within the next few years our next bathroom project will become a reality.

    It's fun reading about your project, thanks for sharing.

  3. This is so inspirational to read how this took shape.
    It makes me more hopeful and I get more excited about the possibilities in putting together a new created old-stlyed bathroom.


  4. It has been my experience, that nothing good comes from the sentence of...

    ...hubby walked out onto the back patio and asked what I was doing. :o)

    A Victorian sister at heart,