Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's the little things...

"Rubber ducky you're the one, that makes the bathtub lots of fun..."
Ernie, Sesame Street
Now I needed somewhere to put my soap, shampoo, and towels while bathing in luxury amongst bubbles with classical music lilting in the background. The search for towels, racks, toilet paper holders, and other such accoutrements began.
· Cost of all the little extras-To be determined

But wait, there’s more.

Originally we were told that an actual bay window would run about $5000. All I wanted was the three tiny windows like the one we currently had in the bathroom. (I think by now you have figured out that this too will change). The bay windows were still too expensive so I decided to save money by going with three regular windows and possibly adding three small windows over them. We are still researching this although I have found several very good windows at the national chain stores at reasonable prices...