Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stained Glass Dilemma...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It’s Thursday and as soon as the antique mall opens I will call to layaway the stained glass (the layaway plan was for three months so it didn’t seem like such a huge amount all at once-ah, the art of justification!). I was very excited. At 11:00 I called. The other owner answered. I told her that I was calling about the stained glass that mom and grandma had found the previous Saturday. With disappointment in her voice she said that it was sold the previous Saturday.
My heart sank.

But that’s alright, I’ll find something. The search continues-I put this piece of stained glass out of my mind and start searching the website that I found earlier in the week with several other pieces of stained glass.

I can’t help thinking about the piece of stained glass from the antique mall. But I put it out of my head-no sense thinking about it now-it’s sold.

Ugh-I should have bought it!

I keep searching and find a couple of pieces that I like. I called the place in Pennsylvania and had them place a hold on two stained glass windows-I won’t make the mistake of not acting quickly enough again!

Still trying not to think about the piece of stained glass from the antique mall.

I continue telling myself that the stained glass I have on hold will be great in the bathroom. Then again there are other options-I even found an inexpensive and creative solution using a stained glass fireplace screen from a national department store to save some money until I find a piece that I like as much as the one that I missed out on at the antique mall! I will call the place in Pennsylvania tomorrow and tell them that I don’t want either piece that I have on hold. (I want the piece from the antique mall but it’s sold so don’t think about it anymore!)

Mom calls me later in the afternoon with amazement in her voice. She informs me that grandma was the one who bought the piece of stained glass at the antique mall! I am so excited! Her reason behind the purchase was that she felt the piece belonged in our family. Hubby and I will make payments to her until we pay it off.
Stained glass dilemma solved!

Back to the construction:
Gary can’t make it out as he had to work late again. He will be out tomorrow morning to do the rebar.
And so the saga continues...

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  1. This is a beautiful stained glass window you have in your bathroom.
    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    What a lovely gesture your Grandma did and worked out a plan for paying for it. That's a fantastic Grandma.
    Enjoying your post and look forward to how this all came about.
    You are a rose in the garden of life! That's lovely.
    God bless and have a wonderful wk-end,