Saturday, August 15, 2009

Color schemes...

Monday October 29, 2007

I returned the small rug for the bathroom.
I realized that it was too small and that a longer rug would look better. While at the store I found a rug that I liked better (3½x5)- hopefully it will work.

I found the curtains that I was looking for at a big box store. Unlike the set that I really liked from a catalog ($150 for the set) these were only $30.

The county building inspector arrived this afternoon and passed the work thus far. He told hubby that it wasn’t necessary to have the dirt inspection done for such a small job. Now he tells us! We could have had the concrete poured by now if we had known that! Oh well, we will be getting the concrete poured soon-hubby is trying to finalize it with the concrete company.
We have finally decided on a 36” wide window for the center window without the Palladian window. The Palladian window would look nice but I think it will look just as nice without it and save us some money.

As for the color scheme…
Originally I was going with black and white with red accents. Then I saw a beautiful picture in my favorite magazine which got me to thinking. So I started planning a slight change in the d├ęcor colors. I found curtains and a rug in the new gold and red colors. The red colors are more of a rusty red so I purchased some towels in this color too. I figure this muted red color won’t run or fade as badly as the deeper burgundy towels I have had in the past. The black and white background will make a beautiful backdrop for the soft golds and reds. Instead of painting the upper walls in a burgundy color I am leaning toward a dusty gold. I may even use a fleur-de-lis pattern on the walls in a flat paint so that the design is subtle. I was also considering doing a faux wainscoting instead of the beadboard but hubby said that the beadboard would be easier. This discussion is still ongoing...

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  1. Dear Kim,

    I love your choices for the color scheme! I enjoy every diary entry. Thank you for sharing!
    Love, Paula