Thursday, August 6, 2009

A step up...

Monday October 22, 2007

I went to the local tile store after work to pick up the bathroom tile as it had arrived sometime last week. The decision was made to build a platform for the tub to sit upon, and to hide the plumbing, creating a 6” step up to the tub. This got me to thinking that perhaps we could use decorative tile on the step up. While I was at the tile store I found a beautiful raised fleur-de-lis tile that comes in black or white. I took the tile samples home and hubby also liked them. Now comes the hard part. Which color-black or white? Hubby scoffed at the price ($17 per tile) but I reminded him that we saved so much money by going with an inexpensive tile choice (8x8” black and white tiles) for the rest of the bathroom that we could now splurge a little on the decorative tile. Ah, a woman’s logic-there is none other in the world like it.

Did I mention that about two weeks ago mom found a bathtub basket at a yard sale that fits across the tub to hold the soaps and shampoos for twenty-five cents? At least we got a bargain on something!

The dirt inspector (he inspects the tamped down dirt to make sure it is solid enough before the concrete is poured) is supposed to come out today. On our ‘list of requirements’ from the county we have to have the tamped dirt inspected to make sure that it is properly tamped down. Of course, the building inspector can’t come out until this is done and the concrete can’t be poured until the building inspector has approved the work!


  1. Tamped down dirt!
    You have been successful in this.
    One very good thing about this diary is that you are sharing the 'nuts and bolts' of this huge project.
    It didn't just happen. It took alot of planning and work to make it come into being.
    And your bathroom is gorgeous!

    So glad you're sharing,

  2. Oh Kim,

    This is so delightful! I loved the 'woman's logic" so true! How wonderful your mom found a bathtub basket for 25 cents! Yes, that is a good bargain! :)

    Love, Paula