Friday, June 4, 2010

Tile scraping continues...

June 16, 2008
I can hardly move today. After spending 3 hours on the floor scraping tile every muscle and joint is sore! But there are still several tiles to go. I managed to scrape two more tiles but that was all-I am still too sore.

June 17, 2008
I tackled the rest of the tile today! It took a couple more hours but I managed to get all of the grout removed from the intricate design! WooHoo! The only thing left for me to do is to apply one more coat of paint to the wainscoting and the red walls. I suppose I should mention that I have a very steady hand when painting and therefore I do not tape off the trim work when I paint. Hubby was very helpful and taped off all of the trim in the main section of the bathroom in an effort to help me out (this was several weeks ago when we were painting the moldings). After painting the new section of the bathroom I moved the ladder into the old main section. I pulled off the first section of blue painter’s tape. It came off pretty easily. So did all of the paint below it! And some of the drywall too! I thought that the whole point of using painter’s tape was that it DOES NOT stick to the paint. Apparently not! This was the case with all of the tape removal-or should I say tape and PAINT removal! Not only did I have to repaint the red paint around the moldings but also the gold paint on the ceiling. When hubby got home from work he came back to the bathroom where I was still painting. I showed him where the tape pulled the paint off of the walls. His response was ‘I was afraid that would happen.’ Hmmm…my next thought was -do I throw something at him now or do I wait until after I ask the meaning of his comment? I decided to wait. ‘What do you mean?’ I asked. His response ‘I think that was two day painter’s tape.’ In other words, we should have taken it down after a few days instead of a few WEEKS! At this point I am beginning to adjust to such little setbacks so instead of throwing something at him I just resumed painting. A couple of hours later the painting was complete.

I was just reading the updates to hubby regarding the tile scraping episode. He wanted to know why I did not write about his efforts in this area. So to be fair, hubby did spend a few hours last week with the grout dissolving stuff scraping and brushing the tiles. However, he was not as successful as I was. There, now he can feel better-I mentioned his contribution, albeit a minor one, but I mentioned it nonetheless.
Beep, Beep, Beep goes the bus!

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