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Getting closer...

July 3, 2008
I spent two weeks in Atlanta and therefore the updates on the bathroom are extensive. Of course, one of the first places I like to visit once I get to Atlanta is the antique mall. I got my Chai tea from the restaurant next to the antique mall and then mom and I went antiquing. The antique store owner (also a real estate agent) was kind enough to take mom and me to see a gorgeous Victorian house a block away from the store that is currently on the market. The owner was at home and was very gracious about letting us look at the house. The antique store owner introduced mom and me. As soon as he told the homeowner where I was from she immediately asked- ‘Are you the one with the bathtub?’ I was shocked! Who would have thought that a total stranger would know me because of these diaries! She has now been added to the bathtub diary email list. Apparently my antiques store friends have been sharing this story with their friends too.

While I was gone hubby worked hard at installing the quarter round to the baseboards and completing the wainscoting. My plan was to arrive home last Sunday but hubby asked that I stay another day so he could get more of the bathroom completed. He had called me the Friday before to tell me that he was going to COMPLETE the bathroom before I arrived home a week later. I told him to wait because I knew he needed my help to install the pillars. He was quite insistent stating that he was going to complete this project and followed with the statement that he was not going to do another home improvement project for at least two years. This made me laugh. Two years before he does another home improvement project? I think not! He is not doing anymore home improvement projects of this magnitude! I will hire someone next time!!! Anyway, when I arrived home he had installed the pillars (with Gary’s help) and they look grand!

Now to answer the question that is probably running through your head right now-Is the bathroom finished?

You have been reading the bathroom diaries for ten months now!
What on earth made you think that this time the project would be complete?
Everything on the inside was in fact completed; however, the siding on the outside center wall had yet to be hung.
And so the diaries continue…

Hubby sustained one injury while I was gone. While painting one of the pillars he burned his arm on the wall sconce light bulb. Not only did he do it once but twice. Ironically his burn was not as severe as mine.
One other incident occurred while I was gone. Apparently hubby forgot about the open views of the bathroom windows since the curtains have yet to be hung. One afternoon he walked into the bathroom before realizing that everyone could see him. Oh, did I mention that he was naked at the time? Yup, anyone who happened to be walking by got a surprise show. Needless to say he is being a bit more careful now.

While in Atlanta I purchased a few more things for the bathroom. I found a lovely Victorian style tissue cover as well as a hairspray holder, covered box (for cotton balls), and a small glass container for Q-tips.

Yesterday I did the paint touch-ups to the pillars and the walls in the bathroom. When hubby got home from work he finished installing the siding on the outside center wall. We have only to hang mirrors, artwork, arrange furniture, hang curtains, and get the final inspection. Hmmm, it didn’t seem like much more needed to be done until I typed it all out.

July 4, 2008
Let the fun begin! All of the structural work and painting is complete! Now it is time to decorate. WooHoo!!! We hung the mirror over the sink. Then we moved the china cabinet in and placed it on the wall behind the door. In addition, we added the small shelving unit that we had in the old bathroom. It provides great storage without taking up much space. Due to the extraordinary amount of time that has elapsed since the start of this project I have made several purchases for the bathroom without knowing if the items would work or not. I actually have two options for a towel rack. You may remember that I purchased a beautiful scrolly, fru-fru iron towel rack in May from an antique mall in Lawrenceville. During my most recent trip to Atlanta I found a lovely antique architectural piece that once probably graced the top of a dresser. Someone added very ornate hooks to it making it into a wall mounted rack for clothes or towels. It was marked down to $30. My intention was to use this piece behind the bathroom door to hang my pajamas and robes. However, the china cabinet is now located behind the door making this idea obsolete. So now this piece is also being considered for the towel rack. It seemed like a simple decision. Unfortunately both pieces looked great. Hubby was not much help stating that the choice depended upon what would be hanging on the neighboring walls. Hmmm. It was late so we decided to sleep on it until tomorrow.

July 5, 2008
Yay! Another decorating day! Now I know that you are on the edge of your seat wondering which towel rack we chose!
So here it is…

I’m still not sure.

Since I was still unable to choose a towel rack we did the only thing that we could do-we hung everything on the neighboring walls and then made the decision. The small antique corner medicine cabinet ($95-Lilburn) went on the only available corner in the bathroom. After that we hung an antique shelving piece on the wall across from the tub. Next the infamous stained glass window went into the lower portion of the center window (it fit the window niche nicely). A piece of antique lace and a small valance covered the upper portion of the center window. The curtain rods were very inexpensive white wood rods from a national hardware chain. This allowed us to custom fit the rods to each window. Curtain panels to match the valance were hung on the two side windows providing privacy at night and light during the day when they are opened (or to block hubby from any further exhibitionist shows). I put an antique red velvet chair under the corner medicine cabinet ($40 from an antique fair in Atlanta). Back in May during one of my visits to the antique mall I found an antique linen towel edged with crocheted lace and embroidered with the initial ‘P’ ($26). We added a small towel rack to the bottom of the medicine cabinet using the leftover wood dowels from the curtain rods. We had finally finished decorating most of the tub area of the bathroom.
Now back to the towel rack decision.

And the winner is…

the antique architectural piece with the hooks!

We hung a beautiful framed print above it that mom purchased in Williamsburg, Virginia a few years ago. I began moving some of my things in and then went to bed. Decorating is exhausting!

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