Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Full Steam Ahead!

March 18, 2008
Well it was a prosperous day for the bathtub diaries! Gary came out and worked all day on the siding and I must say it looks great! In addition to that, the building inspector passed everything so we are full steam ahead on the interior work (this is where my job really begins as project manager-I will really have to stay on these guys to drive this project forward). Hubby ordered the roofing materials which will arrive next week. Dare I say that there may be a slight illumination at the end of the bathroom? I better not being that there are still floors and drywall to be installed, light fixtures to be hung, a bathtub, sink, and toilet to be hooked up (not a problem on this one-Pauly handles the plumbing), tiles to be laid, painting, scraping, and on and on and on…
All of a sudden that slight illumination seems to have disappeared.
· Tin Roof materials- $250+

March 22, 2008
Hubby built the platform floor with plywood we had purchased earlier in the day. He then had to go back to the store to purchase the next layer of flooring. He worked on the platform flooring until after dark.

March 23, 2008
Hubby worked on the platform flooring a bit more today although he had to stop because the drywall needs to be hung before he can finish the floor.

March 28, 2008
Hubby is going to pick up the roofing materials which came in earlier in the week. I scraped the ceiling of the old section of bathroom which only took me about half an hour. I was surprised at this since I thought it would take longer. The little rubber pieces that hold the plastic bag on the ceiling scraper were missing so I had to use bobby pins to keep the bag in place-it worked just fine.

March 29, 2008
Hubby bought the drywall today and began the process. He wasn’t able to get very far as it really takes two people for this kind of work. I did help him unload the drywall since it looked like it might rain. We managed to get two pieces unloaded (with about 10 more pieces to go) in the bathroom. This was no easy task! I was sore from scraping the ceiling the day before which didn’t help. Apparently our next door neighbor saw my struggles and was kind enough to offer to let us store the remaining pieces in their garage (this was so much easier-we didn’t have to lift drywall up into the window of the bathroom we just backed the truck to the garage opening and unloaded). Our neighbors are always coming to our rescue! Thank goodness as the drywall would have to be removed from the bathroom once hubby started working on it again.
The roofing materials of course could stay out in the weather. The tin roof is a beautiful dark green color. Funny, I thought that I had chosen a steel gray color to match our current roof but hubby claims that I told him to choose the color so I must go along with it now. I remember saying something like that but I thought I had changed my mind and decided upon the gray. No matter now-the roof on the bathroom will be green.

March 31, 2008
Enough is enough! I as the project manager have given a deadline for the completion of the bathroom project! I told hubby that the bathroom had to be complete by April 30th or I hire a contractor to come in and finish it! Would anyone care to begin the polling as to whether or not this deadline is met? There could be some good money in it!


  1. So was the deadline met or did they falter and you had to wait a little longer for that wonderful soak in a tub full of bubbles.
    Susan x

  2. I have so been here! We (I) remodled our bathroom and it took 8 years! I love know there is someone elae out there that has to endure this! I will definitly be following you:)