Friday, April 9, 2010

The deadline fast approaches!

April 5, 2008
In hubby's defense the dry walling portion of the project does require two people (two people with upper body strength which I lack). I thought hubby would have contacted Pauly (whom I now refer to as ‘Saint Pauly’ because he is the only one I don’t have to nag to get things accomplished) about helping with the drywall on Saturday. Saturday morning I received a phone call from hubby saying that he was going for supplies because no one had shown up to work. This is odd, I thought, as Pauly is always on time. I discovered later that hubby had NOT called Pauly but had instead assumed that Pauly would just show up. I instructed hubby, in my usual sweet and lovely manner, to call Pauly at once! He did and, of course, Pauly showed up (with help) to hang drywall.
When I arrived home there were trucks parked everywhere and the sound of nail guns and sawing was permeating the air! Ah, men at work.
I discovered later that although much was accomplished (almost all of the drywall was hung as well as the drywall on the ceiling) there were a few injuries. Hubby sliced his finger but was able to bandage it up. Apparently Pauly had something of a shocking experience. About 110 volts worth! Something went wrong and he received a pretty good zap which probably would have curled his hair, if he hadn’t already shaved it all off.
We have also renamed the spare bedroom and the library being that they are serving as holding spaces for bathroom supplies. The spare bedroom is now known as the ‘abyss’ and the library is the ‘black hole’. If you need anything from either of these rooms you are out of luck! They are so full of bathroom stuff (you know, all of the stuff that is not already filling the living room and dining room) that you cannot even walk into them. Of course, there are some things in our bedroom too. I am already storing some of my things in the cabinet that is in the living room that will eventually be in the bathroom upon its completion which is almost here since the completion date, of course, will be April 30th.

Oh no. I just realized that I gave a completion date of April 30th but I did not specify which year!
Hmmm…this could be a problem.

April 12, 2008
Pauly and Gary showed up today to work on the bathroom. Gary and hubby worked on the roof while Pauly worked on sheet rock. By the end of the day the roof was almost complete as well as the sheet rock. No injuries were reported and plans were made for a return to work the following day. At one point I reminded hubby of the April 30th deadline to which he stated that ‘it would not happen’. I of course responded that it would happen or I would hire someone to complete the job. Later, over a pizza lunch, the conversation returned to the fast approaching deadline for the bathroom completion. Pauly announced that he would be out of town next weekend and would not be able to work. Being that Pauly is my assistant project manager I could not reasonably expect much to be accomplished in his absence so being the kind and generous creature that I am I decided to extend the deadline to the second weekend of May. Pauly said that he ‘guaranteed’ I would be soaking in the tub by then. Normally I would laugh at such a statement (let’s see I have been told that it would be done by the end of October, then November, then by Christmas, then January…) but being that it was coming from Pauly, or should I say St. Pauly, I knew that this would be so.

April 13, 2006
Gary and Pauly both showed up again today and I actually had to send them both home as they were determined to keep working well past the dinner hour. Much was accomplished and the bathroom project is moving along! I have visions of bubble bath dancing in my head! (Sorry, there’s still a little Christmas left in my mind). Anyway, remember the green tin roof that hubby ordered for the addition? Well it was such a dark green that it looked like it would blend well with the gray shingled section of roof without the color and material difference being too noticeable from the road. However, once it was on the roof it became quite evident that the roof was very different but there is nothing I can do about it now. This is the kind of thing that you comment on when you are driving around looking at houses and you say ‘what on earth were they thinking?’ It is not terribly awful looking, I suppose, and it is on the side of the house that you don’t see very well from the road. And so another weekend of work was complete with some hope being given that the bathroom might actually be completed soon.

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  1. Kim, I am so glad that this is a diary and the tub is sitting in a finished bathroom these days.

    You guys really went through alot to get where you are today.

    It has been eye opening what you went through to have a completed pottae room!

    God bless,