Saturday, October 31, 2009

Christmas Tub Melodies

December 7, 2007
Throughout the years I have heard the stories about the nightmares of remodeling. Nightmares like building inspectors being too fussy, the wrong supplies being ordered, contractors not showing up…
Gary didn’t show up today and much to our surprise didn’t call.
The whole situation is kinda funny. We have a tub in the living room decorated for Christmas. Most of the supplies for the infamous bathroom are now stacked and stored in the bathroom itself (now you can walk through the house but not the bathroom). As I was cleaning this morning I was inspired by the beautifully decorated tub and the seasonal music that I have been listening to. So I wrote the official ‘Christmas Tub’ song. This is to be sung to tune of ‘O Tannenbaum.’

¯ ‘O Christmas Tub,
O Christmas Tub,
O how I long to soak in thee’

‘O Christmas Tub,
O Christmas Tub,
You’re decorated beautifully’

‘I did not think it’d take this long,
And so I sing this silly song’

‘O Christmas Tub,
O Christmas Tub,
O how I long to soak in thee.’ ¯

My insanity is complete.
Which is more than I can say for my bathroom.


  1. I bet Christmas 2008 just wasn't the same without the Christmas Tub (I do hope it had been installed by 2008?). Oh, I SO want a clawfoot tub!

  2. Congrats on toughing this out!
    Soaking tub here you come,