Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Plywood Progress

November 18, 2007

Because of the delays from the day before Gary came out after church to work on the roof rafters. Hubby had managed to complete the plywood construction around the left side window the day before. Once again, the weather was nice so I decided to look in on the construction progress. Hubby had nailed a solid piece of plywood to the right side window wall and was now preparing to measure the hole so that he could cut it out. (Wonder where he got that idea?) Mind you he is preparing to cut from the outside where the plywood is solid. Being a woman I could not refrain from making yet another suggestion. I told him he would not have to do all of that measuring for the window hole if he stood on the inside of the structure and used the window opening as a guide to cut. I was given a very disgusted look and then he proceeded to climb into the area and cut the plywood using the window opening as the guide. I realized at that point that I had overstayed my welcome and I returned inside to let the guys finish their work. They were unable to get as far as they had hoped so Gary said that he would come out to complete this phase of building on the following Friday. We would have to wait until the following week to call the building inspector.
Ironically, Hubby was able to complete all of the remaining plywood construction that afternoon using his newfound technique for the application of plywood over window holes:).

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