Monday, September 28, 2009

Moving Right Along

November 28, 2007
Hubby picked up the windows which are now leaning against the truck in the driveway. Hubby also picked up the boxes of tile yesterday which are now in the kitchen and dining room. The decorative tiles that we chose are gorgeous!

November 30, 2007
Gary is coming out tomorrow to finish the roof work on the bathroom so we can get it inspected and move to the next step.
Hubby informs me that both Gary and his wife have to sing at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon at a local coral concert.
Hmmm, that doesn’t leave much time for work on the bathroom does it?


  1. It so reminds me of the time when we had our bathroom built and the guy working on it always seemed to be having some place he just had to be, so only an hour or so of work would get done each day! So frustrating. LOVE the tub so far, i can picture myself soaking away the chills of our german autumn days in that! Heaven. The duck is the perfect finishing touch! hugs, Debby

  2. Chuckle!! Been there ......... Happy autumn. Have a beautiful week. TTFN ~Marydon