Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Tub Entertainment

December 17, 2007
Saturday was the big day for Gary to come out and finish up the roof so we could call the building inspector for another inspection. Poor Gary, he keeps trying to get out to finish but that blasted regular job of his keeps interfering. Doesn’t his boss realize that this is all about me? I need a tub to soak in! Since we are all regular, normal (well somewhat normal) people, of course this project is like other normal additions. It’s just going to take a little longer than a couple of weeks to finish the structure. Ok, maybe a little longer than a couple of weeks, more like a couple of months. Ok, well, maybe a little longer than a couple of months…:).

In the meantime the tub is providing a great deal of entertainment in its current location in the middle of the living room floor (as opposed to the ‘soaking’ entertainment it was meant for). As I have mentioned we have decorated it with velvet and filled it with large silk poinsettias. Kramer, our cat, discovered that this makes for a great play area. As he took a flying leap into the forest of poinsettias a great battle began. From our vantage point all we could see were poinsettias flying everywhere. There was rustling and clanging as the poinsettias were eventually brought down by the fearless Kramer! After wrestling the dreaded silk poinsettia giants to the bottom of the tub Kramer then began his stealth look-out for more of the ferocious creatures. All would be quiet and then all of sudden the silence was pierced by rustling within the depths of the tub and then the sight of long white whiskers protruding ever so slightly from within the crumpled branches. Occasionally amongst the red velvety petals a little pink nose and white muzzle could be seen just to disappear quickly again beneath the branches of fallen poinsettias. This battle took place for over an hour. Sometimes Kramer would come leaping from deep within the tub just to land at the other end burrowing down beneath the silk plants. Wanting to catch a glimpse of what was going on beneath this sea of red velvet petals and silky green stalks I peeked through the faucet hole in the tub. What a sight it beheld! A set of little green eyes were gazing right back at me. Kramer had finally seen the monster that he had been searching for! He gazed back at me, very still, waiting for the right moment and then…he leapt into action striking towards me with his paw extended to its entire length through the faucet hole in the tub! Although he was able to push me back I was not so easily driven off so I returned to peer through the hole once again. With great precision and poise he lunged for the hole yet again extending his paw as far as he could in an effort to ward me off. Finally I got the message and backed away and Kramer returned to his hunt for the dreaded poinsettia monster at the bottom of the Christmas tub.

Later this evening we spoke with Gary. He was very apologetic about the delays. I’m not upset, these things happen. I only hope that he is not too upset about it. He is going to try to work on the bathroom sometime next week. With our luck it will rain. Not to worry as we are getting a great deal of entertainment from the tub not to mention we have many Christmas Tub songs to sing!
‘Fa la la la la la la la!’


  1. Leave it to Krammer to find entertainment in the tub... he probably enjoyed the coolness of it.
    Sometimes when it is very hot I find my cat curled up in the porcelain bathroom sink.

  2. This blog gives me hope!
    Our house is in need of so many projects that I get a bit overwhelmed at times. Have to pray alot and rest in the mess.
    Beautiful bathroom you have created! Amen.

  3. Oh , that is trully a story about Kramer that puts a big smile on my face and chases the gloom of our awful weather away! I can just picture it all in my mind with your humorous descriptions and way of telling the story. BTW, love your background, it sure does look like a bath tub tiling!! Good choice. hugs from here, debby